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Laurel J-717 Banknote Counter

Improvement on the model J-710A • Using the most sophisticated technology
• And the highest standards of quality from 50 years experience.
• Laurel has launched the new J-717. Light, compact and silent.
• It successfully combines user-friendly functions with cost effective performance.
• More defines and improved key-pad display screen.

Description Maintenance Mode • Various settings and maintenance menu has been added in Maintenance Mode.
• To meets the demand of the customers and helpful for maintenance.
• Auto Select: Input Voltage System J-717 selects AC input voltage automatically.
• Newly designed Power Module keep high performance even AC voltage not stable area.
• Improved Sensor System.
• Newly-designed Main PCB and Software can keep all sensors* of stability and accuracy for a long period of time.
• Sensors – (* Hopper /Stacker/ Count /Encoder Sensor)

Easy Operation Easy Maintenance • Auto Adjustment Sensor System applied.
• Don’t need open the side Cover when adjust Sensors.
• Maintenance is extremely simple
• And technical training can be learnt in short time.
• J-717 changed operation of function settings
• As same as upper models of J-700 Series to change the functions easily more.

Color Universal Design* Display • New Customer Display
• New Customer Display illuminate count result clearly for customers and CCTV.
• Serial I/F facility: LAUREL J-717 is equipped with Interface facility.
• It can transmit count result to OSD-1 or PC.
• LAUREL has employed this concept when designing the colors of indicator lights and the colors and shapes of operation buttons.
• The J-717 has received the color universal design certification mark from the non-profit Color Universal Design Organization.
• There is variation in the way individuals perceive colors, and many people find it difficult to see certain hues.
• Therefore, color universal design seeks to ensure that information is properly conveyed to all people regardless of their color perception.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (HxWxD) 190 x 233 x 282 mm
Weight Approx 16 Lbs. / 7 kgs
Counting Speed 1000, 1250, 1300, 1500 notes per/min
Hopper Capacity max. 500 notes
Stacker Capacity max. 200 notes