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Solid Business Machines Center, Inc. (SBMCI) prides itself as the leading provider of office and banking equipments in the Philippines. The company holds exclusive distributorship rights to top brands in office and banking equipments.

Since its inception in 1975, SBMCI has grown multifold from five employees to almost a hundred at present. The company continues to grow and remains to be the market leader with the most number of prestigious brands tucked in its belt. Below is a short-list of the many brands SBMCI carries:

Banknote Counters Japan
Electronic Checkwriters / Check Signers U.S.A
Manual Checkwriters / Check Signers U.S.A
Electronic Typewriters Japan
Banknote Counters U.S.A
Kobel Banknote Counters U.K.
Banknote Sorters Korea
Paper Shredders Korea
Coin Counters & Sorters Sweden
Passbook Printers Italy
Safes / Vault Doors / Filing Cabinets U.K.
Proditect Coin Inspection Systems France
Fireproof & Waterproof Hard Drives U.S.A
Australis Engineering Turn-Key Mechanical Engineering Projects
Automated Materials Handling Systems
Digital Documents Scanners
Digital Cheque Readers
Fax & Copiers
Electronic Typewriters
Fax Machines
Multi-Function Printers
Labelling Machines

SBMCI is set to continue its thrust of offering the Philippine market world-class products with local servicing at reasonable cost. Among the industries it services are banks, governments institutions, small to medium enterprises, schools etc. SBMCI carries the most complete line of office equipments including typewriters, calculators, fax machines, digital document scanners, banknote and coin counters, vault doors, filing cabinet and safes among others. Recently, it has acquired exclusive distributorship of ioSafe fireproof & waterproof hard drives.

SBMCI has recently expanded its core product line to include automated coin packaging systems, automated materials handling systems, and other mechanical and engineering projects in partnership with of Scancoin, Sweden and Australis Engineering Ltd Pty, Australia.

SBMCI’s office is at Singson Building, Plaza Moraga, Binondo, Manila, Philippines. More information can be obtained from www.solidmac.com.ph.